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Trust Curriculum Intent

1. Embed the Priory’s mission and values within the creation of a distinct offer informed and shaped by the unique dynamics of each academy, its stakeholders and wider community.

2. Provide a coherent knowledge base that is appropriately powerful, clearly constructed and thoughtfully sequenced.

3. Assess knowledge, skills and understanding in an intelligent, supportive and proportionate manner.

4. Support a predominantly subject focused approach. Each subject, to whatever level a pupil engages, will provide a meaningful experience used to build cultural capital.

5. Develop pupils’ cognitive ability in order for them to learn, retain and recall knowledge and develop metacognitive ability in order that they monitor and purposefully direct their learning.

6. Design a range of pathways that: value pupils in equal measure, ensure equality of opportunity and focus on pupil needs and interests.

7. Celebrate meaningful, inspiring and life-changing experiences that have enabled pupils:
• to maximise levels of literacy, self-worth and cultural capital
• to contribute to the increasingly complex, numerate and digital economy
• to play a meaningful role in local, national and international communities.