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Trust Policies

The Trust's policy documents are reviewed regularly. They are published on these pages (left) as soon as they have been approved at Trust level. They apply to the 12 Priory academies, the Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance (LTSA), the LTSA SCITT, Priory Training and the Centres des Etoiles. Additional information can be obtained by contacting our individual academies.

Please click on the following link to read the Trust's statement on Digital Safety and Filtering.

In addition, the Trust complies with the Public Sector Equality Duty and our objectives for 2016-2020 are published here.

The Trust is committed to leading a mentally healthy organisation, including a commitment to and promotion of emotional wellbeing and good mental health. As a result, all Trust policies and procedures ensure this commitment is incorporated, in order to support the organisation's staff and students.

Please click on the category headings below or on the left.

Finance >> policy gateway >>
16-19 Bursary Fund Policy
Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy
Business Travel and Expenses Policy
Discretionary Policy
Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Health and Safety >> policy gateway >>
Health and Safety Policy
Home Visits Policy
Lone Working Policy
Medical Treatment Policy
No Smoking Policy
Transport and Vehicles Policy

Human Resources >> policy gateway >>
Adoption Leave Policy
Adverse Weather and Travel Disruption Policy
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy
Annual and Special Leave and Absence Reporting Policy
Clear Desk Policy
Complaints Policy
Data Breach Policy
Data Protection Policy
DBS and Safeguarding Policy
Emotional Health, Wellbeing and Welfare Policy for Staff
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy - staff
Flexible Working Policy
Grievance Policy
Maternity Leave Policy
Maximising Performance (Appraisal) Policy
Parental Leave Policy
Paternity Leave Policy
Positive Handling and Safe Touch Policy
Records Management Policy
Recruitment and Selection Policy
Redundancy Policy
Reference Policy
Retirement Policy
Shared Parental Leave Policy
Social Media (Employee) Policy
Staff Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy
Staff Disciplinary Policy
Staff Sickness Absence Policy
Support Staff Appraisal Policy
Support Staff Capability Policy
Teachers' Capability Policy
Teachers' Pay Policy
Time Off for Dependants Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Zero Tolerance Policy

ICT >> policy gateway >>
Acceptable Use Policy (ICT)
CCTV Policy
E-Safety Policy (staff)
E-Safety Policy (students)

Safeguarding >> policy gateway >>
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for each academy

Student Welfare >> policy gateway >>
Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Educational Visits Policy
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy - students
Freedom of Speech and Expression Policy
Intimate Care Policy
LAC and post-LAC Policy
Misuse of Drugs Policy
Parental Communications and Complaints Policy
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Student Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Student Wellbeing Policy
Third Parties Staying with Boarding House Staff Policy

Teaching and Learning >> policy gateway >>
Access to Fair Assessment Policy
Admissions Policy
Appeals Policy (Exam and Qualification Grades)
Assessment, Recording and Reporting (ARR) Policy
Careers Guidance Policy
NQT Policy
Policy for the Conduct and Administration of Examinations
SEND Policy
Summer 2020 Results and Appeals Policy
Word Processor Policy

Vocational >> policy gateway >> 
Access to Fair Assessment Policy
Apprentice and Employer Complaints Policy
Apprenticeship Assessment and Review Policy
Apprenticeship Initial Assessment Policy
Apprenticeship Recruitment Policy
BTEC Procedures Policy
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy - students
Learner Appeals Procedure (Vocational)
Learner Malpractice Policy (Vocational)
Priory Training Conflict of Interest Policy
Provider Access Statement
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
Registration and Certification Policy (BTEC)
Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustment Policy
Staff Malpractice (BTEC) Policy
Vocational Assessment and Appeals Procedures (Including Apprenticeships) Policy


Hard copies of material on this website can be obtained from:
Mr M Mammatt
The Priory Federation of Academies Trust
Cross O'Cliff Hill
Lincoln LN5 8PW